How to become a ninja in a day!

How to become a ninja in a day!


It takes time to get all of the belts and you start out with none, I prefer it as a “No Belt.”

Go to the dojo courtyard, inside of it is the dojo, go to it and click on sensei (He’ll be on the green pillow) He’ll instruct you through the game. Now after you’re done with him telling you everything, do “Competition mode.” (“Sensei mode” Will be for when you have the black belt, if you go against him without the black belt, you automatically loose!) When you click “Competition mode” it will count down, now you’re against another penguin. That penguin might be a white belt, might be a no belt. (Sometimes you’ll be against a penguin WAY higher then your skill level, that’s either because you’re in a server without many penguins in the dojo or because there are no penguins at your skill level.) Right now you’re trying to get the white belt, take it easy. The white belt will be the easiest one to get it’ll take about 1-5 tries, maybe more just depending on what’s happening. You’ll also know what your special move is As Known As the 10 card. You’ll either have fire, water, or snow. Fire is where you have a driller’s helmet and you drill the ground as the other penguin gets dizzy from it. Water is where you’re a fire man and you have a hose to spray the other penguin across the room. Snow is where a snow pile falls from the sky, hits the ground, two trees come down into the snow, and then the penguin comes down on a sledding tube, ramming into the other penguin. Good Luck getting your white belt!

White Belt!

Congratulations you have received your white belt! You must keep battling penguins to receive your yellow belt. Start to lay your cards down faster to get to your next level soon; you might want to because it makes the game go WAY faster and WAY easier. Even if you loose, you win… (By that I mean even if you loose you can still get the next belt) You’re next belt (The yellow belt) will be in about 5-10 games to receive it (may be more just depends on it). Hope you do well young grasshopper.

Yellow Belt!

Wow! Already at the yellow belt?! You’re doing great now you need to start tricking the penguins, but they also may trick you. Once you have 2 cards. Say you have 1Orange Snow and 1Green Water. Use another snow because they might use water, and if they use water you have 2 snows! Now you can use a fire or a snow and win it for yourself it’s just the way to think. Keep playing those cards down fast; you want to hurry to get yourself the mask on time to get off the computer. You will have to play 10-15 games to get the orange belt (It may be more just depends). Good luck, you’re becoming better and better at this game.

Orange Belt!

Sweet, you’re even closer to the black belt, better yet, the ninja mask! Now you need to win a lot more games then loosing to gain the next belt. Your next belt is the green belt you’ll need about 15-20 games to get that one (Maybe more just depends). I know you have to play a lot more but it’s just the way it goes. Keep playing those cards down fast, and remember all the tricks you can do to win it’ll help you.

Green Belt!

Green belt so soon! You’re on fire with this game! You have 5 more belts until you go against Sensei! You’ll need to start using your brain more for this game, like use more tricks then usual play the cards down faster try and get the system going through you head. Now you’re going to need 20-25 games to play to get the blue belt (Maybe more just depends) Hope you get your next belt…The blue one.

Blue Belt!

Good job you’re getting far, but the blue belt is where it gets tougher…and now you have to win 25-30 games to get the red belt (Maybe more just depends) Play cards down fast and try and win with strategy. The more strategy’s you have the easier it’ll be to win your game!

Red Belt!

Gosh, you’re getting really close to the black belt…close to the legend too. You’re getting bored of the game right now I know, just keep in there make it so that it’s fun for you, make sound affects and things like that…It helped me stick the game. Now you’re going to need 30-35 games to play (Maybe more just depends) You’ll have to play a lot more games now it just gets really hard.

Purple Belt!

Now you’re really far, you’re getting better and better every second. Now you’re going to start going against black belts and penguins higher then you. You’ll need a lot of wins 35-40 just to get your brown belt (maybe more just depends) the penguins you go against will be use to the strategy’s so be prepared to go against harder and smarter penguins. They’re ready to win…

Brown Belt!

Just 1 more belt and you’ll be against Sensei! Now the brown belt is actually the toughest to get through. You’re going to need 40-45 wins (Or more just depends) Now penguins are really eager to get to the next level so they’ll be the hardest you’ve been against, no penguin wants to loose now, they want to win, they know every strategy because they’ve gone against a lot of penguins, now be ready, you’re going to be playing for a while to get the next level.

Black Belt!

Finally! All that hard work is done…But now, it’s sensei time. It’s practically going through the stage of the “white belt” but he’ll win no matter what at least 5 times in a row. You’ll have to go against him 5-10 times to become a legend, and now it’s time. Just play any card at anytime and soon enough you’ll win. He plays the cards down at the exact same time, so just click a card. Also, he has every card in the game so be prepared for cards you have never seen before, hopefully you will win.


Yes! You’ve made it through the game! Now you can go to the “Ninja Hideout.” To get to the hideout you have to go to the Dojo courtyard, and then go to the rock looking wall on the left. That opens up and you can go in it. For the members only you can buy the ninja costume, dojo igloo, hand gong, and the light posts. You can buy those where it says “Flying Flippers!” You can also see the book on the right bottom corner of your screen. Hope you enjoy the items.

Frequently Asked Questions!

How many wins do you need to get the ninja mask? It doesn’t matter by the wins you can also loose to get the ninja mask.

How many games do you have to play total? 186 if you’re counting the first section of games but the other part would be 205 so those are the maximums and minimums.

What can I do when I’m a ninja? For members you can buy the costume and dance with it on and you’ll be invisible. You can also buy other items/igloo furniture. For non members you can where the mask and the black belt to look like a ninja. You can also combine items to look cool as a non member.

What are ninjas for? Ninjas are just fun to be and to have fun with, there’s no reason for them really, and club penguin just wanted us to enjoy something great.

Does this guide really work? If you can’t play on the computer much, then no.

Why did you make this? I made this because I want people to become ninjas fast, they’ll love being it, and it’s great for them to just get it over with.

Do you know where club penguin got this idea? Well, they had a game way before club penguin called Penguin chat 3 (They had a first and second too) that game had ninjas in it. Becoming a ninja in Penguin Chat 3 was way easier then it is in club penguin. Penguin chat 3 you just had to go in to the register thing, click the “N” on penguin then a ninja penguin would appear, and you could register as that. So they decided to make ninjas on club penguin because there were rumors about them everywhere, so that’s how they go the idea of ninjas!

Do you have to become a ninja? No but you’d really enjoy being one. You can do many other things on club penguin then becoming a ninja, but I bet you’d really enjoy playing around with the ninja items and the mask.

Please Comment if this helped!

Thanks Ghost Days.


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